under wraps [full movie]


"Under Wraps is a 1997 Disney Channel Original Movie and the second to be called as such. The film also was shown on Disney Channel on 5/23/13 apart of "Throwback Thursday: Disney Channel"

Three 12-year-old kids discover a mummy in the basement of a "dead" man's house. It comes alive due to the conjunction of the moonlight during that time of the month. They are scared of him at first, but with time discover he is friendly, if clumsy and confused.

The kids name the mummy Harold, and decide he will temporarily take up residence in one kid's bedroom. After paying a visit to their Halloween-obsessed friend, Bruce, they discover that if the mummy is not put back in his coffin before midnight on Halloween, the mummy will cease to exist.

Luckily, the sarcophagus is in the Egyptian exhibit at the local museum, but there are a few obstacles. For one thing, Harold's unusual appearance may attract unwanted attention as Halloween night draws closer. Also, someone powerful and evil is out to get Harold, meaning the kids must save him before midnight on Halloween. Meanwhile, they find out that Harold used to be in love with another mummy who comes alive at the end."


ich übe schon mal für halloween. :)

hm. gemein, aber die mumie geht mir irgendwie auf die nerven. sie klingt gewöhnungsbedürftig. (ja, sie kann sprechen, leider). man sollte sich den film nur anschauen, wenn man bei dem dauergejaule und gebrüll nicht durchknallt. also etwas für diejenigen tage, die angefüllt sind mit friede, freude, eierkuchen und mumien. die seltenen, raren tage. juwelen des jahres. peace.