Dark Waters


The plot involves a young English woman named Elizabeth, who, after the death of her father, travels to a convent on a remote island where her mother died after giving birth to her. The convent is populated only by nuns, who practise strange rituals in the catacombs under the building and who seem to hold something at bay down there.

The film was originally planned to take place in England with an American female lead. The setting was changed when producer Victor Zuev, who had seen Baino's short film Caruncula in a film festival in Russia, stepped in and proposed him to shoot it in Ukraine instead. Bark had hoped the film would feature Hugh Cornwell from the English rock group The Stranglers as the brother. 


den film bekommt man momentan nicht, was schade ist, weil er gut in meine sammlung passen würde. ich werde eine ungeschnittene version suchen. solche filme tauchen oft plötzlich aus der versenkung auf und man muss dann schnell zuschlagen, weil sie wieder jahrelang verschwunden sind. ich liebe solche filme wirklich. man könnte mich als jäger und sammler bezeichnen. :)