nette konversation

vorgeschichte: ein kommentar in meinem blog. jemand, der sich vom look meiner seite und der musik angesprochen fühlte (vor allem von der wirklich göttlichen tarja turunen), und der sich so seine gedanken über die gothszene machte. als aussenstehender ist es nicht wirklich leicht, die schwarze szene zu verstehen, zu leicht entstehen hier stereotypen und klischees, die uns eh allen schon so auf die ketten gehen. deshalb und auch, weil seine art, zu schreiben, mir sympathisch war, hab ich mal ne antwort darauf verfasst. die er auch gelesen hat und darauf wieder geantwortet hat, diesmal in seinem blog. ich möchte daraus zitieren.

"While a gothic look or lifestyle may appear to be an embrace of darkness and all the negative connotations associated with darkness, I'm sure with some actual thought on the matter, I could've come up with a good answer to my written question concerning goths and what their Christian beliefs may be. I wouldn't like to be judged by my appearance or type of music I listen to or even the things that I do. I was telling Kim about a song Plumb sings (singer of "In My Arms") called "Cut". Plumb was inspired to write the song after reading a comment from a "cutter" who found Plumb's music inspirational. Even knowing what this girl did to herself shouldn't let anyone make assumptions about her. More importantly, she probably needs help in some way. I'm assuming Caleb meant those people cut themselves and not "cut their wrists" and may have had no proof they were even cutters. Either way, as far as goths are concerned, lila, the author of the thingnextdoor site, put it best:

well, yeah...goths and their beliefs.*g* I'd look at them as people who just wear black and are just like any other person. they are just like you, believe it or not.:-) the assumption that someone who wears black is automatically a satanist or atheist is simply wrong. i'd say there are as many christian goths as satanistic goths out there. and i tell you something - the really "dangerous" satanists don't wear black. they just look "normal". they are well respected members of society and they have influence. that makes them so dangerous.

don't know if it is really of interest, but i do believe in god and his angels. and i thank you for your good wishes.:-) thank you for your visit and god bless you and your family.

Very well put, lila.

Because of my interest of grammar and the written word, I noticed the almost nonexistence of capital letters in the post. E.E. Cummings comes to mind, but I'm sure I'd like to make some sort of small assumption based on this as well (purposeful breaking from the norm?, humility?), but lila really hits home how unnecessary it is to stereotype anyone for sometimes very silly reasons until you know them."


warum ich alles klein schreibe?:-) sry, es hat keine weitere oder höhere bedeutung, es ist einfach nur faulheit. hat eigentlich nix damit zu tun, dass ich mich von der norm abheben möchte. mach ich schon, aber auf andere weise.